February 5, 2013

GIVEAWAY - Win a FREE Bracelet

UPDATE (2/12/2013):  And the winners are...

Katie (katieannec@...)
Talia H. (talia.halliday@...)
Katie B. (xeptional@...)

Please contact me within 24 hours by sending your mailing address to me at jodesigns08@gmail.com.  Don't forget to tell which bracelet you want and in what color. (Band bracelet is on the top, scallop is in the middle, broomstick is the white one on the bottom and crocodile is the one on the bottom right).  Colors I have - black, pink, blue, green, olive, purple, grey, and if you want any other color just let me know.

If you live in Bloomington just let me know when I can drop off your bracelet.

Alright ladies.  Recently I have started making crocheted bracelets.  The one problem I have had is trying to figure out how big to make them.  When I make a bracelet I know how I want it to fit on a person's wrist, whether it be snug or loose.  But just like how every woman is different, I know every wrist is different.  So, if you help me out here, you might just win a free bracelet from me.

Here is how it is going to work:
1- Take a measuring tape (like one for fabric) or use a piece of paper and measure around your wrist.  If you are using a piece of paper just cut a strip about 1 inch wide, wrap around your wrist, and draw a line where the ends over lap and measure what the distance is.  (Sorry about the photos.  My 4 yo son helped me take them.  And just ignore my lovely plaid PJ bottoms.)

2- Once you have your measurement fill in the form below with the number you came up with.

3-  For a bonus entry you can "like" my Facebook page. Just fill in the form below that you liked it.  If you are already a fan of mine on Facebook then you still get an extra entry.

The winner will be announced on Tuesday, Feb. 12, 2013 by noon eastern time.  I will announce the winner here on the blog and on Facebook.  The winner will have 24 hours to send me an email with their mailing address.  If the winner does not contact me within the 24 hours another winner will be chosen.

The winner will be able to pick which bracelet from my new line they would like and what color they would like as well.  

I will be using the information from everyone who posts to get an average wrist size.  I am doing this so I can make a better product that fits everyone.

Thank you in advance for your help and please let you friends know about this giveaway.

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