March 18, 2011

Getting Ready

Now that I don't have 3 classes I'm taking I finally have time to do some more books!!  YAY!!  And since Spring is in the air that means the Encore Consignment Sale and Handmade Market will soon be here.  And that means I am busy making new products to bring, but don't worry, for those of you who went last year I will have some of the same stuff.  So here is a sneak peek of two of the items that will be new this year.

Pull Tab Book
I'm really super excited about this book, because the applications for it are really far as your imagination can go!  :)  I plan on having a few books already made for the sale but I also will have them in kits so you can make whatever kind of book you want!  I will also have a sample book made up to show how the book can be used.  This one is a baby girl book.  There is room for one photo for each month (1-12) and then you pull the tab out and there is space for recording the weight and height for that month as well as the "story of the month".  Great way to keep track of all those special moments in that first year but in a simple way!

Matchbook Photo Book
This little book is really fun!  It's a great place to put those wallet size photos you don't know what to do with.  Also great to keep in your purse to show off those cute kids/grandkids of yours!  It holds up to 12 wallet size photos.

Don't forget to come back often to see what else will be making a début at the

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